Painting and Decorating

The best quality finish, from excellent materials, specialist techniques and meticulous preparation.

We carefully mask out all windows, flooring and other areas likely to get paint on them during the work. Surfaces are sanded and filled, dust extracted, and all prep work is carried out using the correct undercoats and primers to guarantee superb results.

We can provide a colour-matching service and can cross-mix colours across different manufacturers and ranges.

Spray specialists

We've perfected the use of spraying equipment using a range of sprayers for all applications. We can spray both interior and exterior surfaces, including woodwork, doors, bannisters and ornate ceilings.

Spraying provides an excellent finish in very little time — applying many fine coats by atomising the paint. It's commonly used in the United States, but many decorators in the UK don't have the specialist skills or equipment. We're used to masking off large areas and can spray with no mess or risk to vulnerable areas.

Spraying is perfect for architectural work, where the use of brushes or rollers can apply paint too thickly. It's also superb for providing a base coat for other paints and finishes on many surfaces and applications.

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